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Boarders and Day Care K9 Ventures excels at providing the ultimate in Dog Day Care and for those lucky dogs registered with us, Night Home Boarding and Dog Grooming. In order to register, your dog must attend Dog Day Care on a regular basis.


K9 Ventures is set in a beautiful country retreat within two acres of secure grounds providing a bespoke service to the discerning dog owners of Stoke Poges, Hedgerley, Fulmer and Gerrards Cross. We provide exceptional, expert, professional, loving care in a home environment for your dog so that you can go to work or on holiday secure in the knowledge that your dog is cherished, happy, safe and having the best time ever!


What's the daily routine?


Overnighters and resident dogs start the day early at 6 am when they have their breakfast and then relax until it is walk time in the beautiful woodland surrounding K9 Ventures.


Day Boarders are collected between 9 am and 10 am and are taken for a long country walk. We visit lovely local country parks and woods - especially chosen because the car parks are safe and secure. Our walks burn off energy, build fitness and allow the dogs to run around in the fresh air with their friends. We make sure there are plenty of rest periods for the dogs in which to explore and sniff!


Once home, all dogs are gently showered off with warm water in the designated shower area, then towel dried and given a healthy snack before relaxing in comfy Hi K9 beds, or the dog sofa, to recharge their batteries while listening to soothing classical music. Soothing background music creates a calm, restful atmosphere.


Boarders and Day Care - training After their nap puppies under 8 months of age receive their individual training session and then there is a period of free time where your dog can mooch around or play with their friends in the spacious, secure grounds at K9 Ventures.


Later we have an afternoon walk - this time a gentle stroll for a minimum of 20 minutes. Day Care dogs are transported home between 5 pm and 6 pm; tired, happy and relaxed.


Those that are having a sleep-over have their dinner at 6.30 pm and then chill out during the evening with lots of cuddles from me and my family. They are tucked up in bed between 10 - 10.30 pm.


Can we come and visit your premises?


Yes. As part of my inspection and licensing agreements with South Bucks Council, every dog and owner must come and visit my home so that we can carry out an assessment and you can see if our set up is what you are looking for. This is by appointment only and after an informal chat on the phone to see if we both think that K9 Ventures will suit your dog.


How are the dogs transported?


Especially converted van for dog transport All dogs are transported in my especially converted dog van. Each dog has their own comfy compartment, complete with a bed and a non-spill water bowl for the journey.


Why do you not accept entire male dogs?


We do not accept unneutered dogs over 10 months old as this can upset the balance of the group. Entire males often mark their scent everywhere, including in the home.


How much does it cost?


Day Boarding:
  £35 per day per dog (includes collection, delivery and healthy treats)


Day Boarding Pups:
  £40 per day per puppy up to 8 months old. (extra training sessions are required at this age)


Home Boarding:
  £30 per day plus £15 per night per dog = £45. Dogs are dropped off and collected at K9 Ventures by their owners. However, for an extra charge, local collection and delivery may be arranged.


Home Boarding Pups:
  £35 per day plus £15 per night per puppy = £50. Puppies are dropped off and collected at K9 Ventures by their owners. However, for an extra charge, local collection and delivery may be arranged.


The minimum charge for home boarding is £45, whatever time your dog is dropped off and collected.


Day boarders are collected and delivered home by K9 Ventures only. No day boarders are dropped off at the house. This ensures that the dogs are kept calm and relaxed and not stressed due to the door bell ringing constantly.


How do I pay?


Boarders and Day Care - grounds Day boarders: May pay daily or weekly in cash, or alternatively we will send you an invoice by email on the last day of the month listing all the days your dog has attended and the total cost. Payment may then be made via bank transfer.


Home Boarders: A 50% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking. You are then sent a confirmation and payment request by email a month before your dog's holiday stay when the balance is to be paid upon receipt. Payment may be made by cash or by bank transfer, details of which will be given.


Can I see photos of my dog while it is at K9 Ventures?


During the day we take pictures of the dogs that come to K9 Ventures and post them on to the K9 Ventures Facebook page and Instagram so you can see what a fantastic time your dog is having! I also frequently WhatsApp videos and photos personally to you for you to watch and keep.


For a truly worry-free experience of boarding your dog in a warm, loving family home please email Karen - karen@k9ventures.co.uk or call 07905 431181.


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K9 Ventures are based in Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire, UK


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