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I found Karen at K9 Ventures when I found myself as a sudden, rushed owner of an 8-week old puppy - Bailey. I had never had a dog before and found myself at a loss of where to start.


Upon mine and Baileys first meeting with Karen I felt very comfortable and at ease. I enrolled in a 6-week puppy training programme which Bailey loved - she was responsive to Karen's positive reinforcement training methods as they are simple and clear requests that are easy to be understood. After the weekly class you are emailed the lesson sheet to help you to remember and continue at home.


I would recommend Karen at K9 Ventures and Bailey and I continue to use her services for training and care.


Sarah and Bailey from Iver, Buckinghamshire




Karen's classes were great. The training approach worked really well with Bean and Karen's classes and tools set us up well for working with Bean outside the class. Her technique was great for my kids to learn and Karen was really patient in involving them. Bean loved the classes, and now goes regularly to Karen for day care.


Zoe and Bean - Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire




Rex and I went to Karen for 1-1 puppy training when he was 12 weeks old. Karen was extremely knowledgeable and able to answer all the questions I had as a first- time puppy owner (she offered a few brilliant tips for my older rescue dog too!). She offered a combination of invaluable guidance relating to how dogs think and hands-on training on all essential skills: recall, loose lead walking, sit etc. The setting is absolutely stunning, very safe with indoor and outdoor spaces and Karen clearly loves all her doggy clients! Would highly recommend K9ventures for new dog owners.


Mel and Rex – Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire




Gucci and I completed the puppy training classes with Karen. The classes were brilliant, so informative and were followed up with an email of clear training notes. As a first-time dog owner, I needed help and guidance for where to start. Karen's knowledge is first class and was always happy to help with any questions that we had. Most of all Gucci enjoyed attending each week.


Amanda and Gucci – Gerrards Cross




Thank you so much to all your advice and patience with us ...and Nia. Karen's wisdom and humour helped to build our experience and gave us the confidence to guide and really enjoy our puppy. We all had great fun in her classes - it gave Nia the chance to meet and socialise with other puppies whilst we could laugh with other 'new parents' as we all learnt together. Totally invaluable, we can't recommend the experience enough!


Sian, Steve and Nia from Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire




We took Zoey to puppy training with Karen and she loved it. Zoey was always so keen to get there and do well and it was fantastic for us to learn the DOs and DONTs as well. Zoey is a rescue dog and she comes with a lot of baggage and she is quite lively. She was still uncertain about everything at the time we took her to training but Karen managed to reassure us that it was perfectly ok and helped us massively in dealing with our puppy. We look forward to teenager training now!


Audrey and Ben from Stoke Poges




We attended a six-week puppy training class with Karen. Our Cockapoo puppy, Dexter, was 15 weeks old and due to the pandemic had not socialised with other dogs or people outside of our family. From the moment we arrived at K9-Ventures we were greeted warmly by Karen and the other puppies and owners. Dexter was nervous at first, but Karen has a wonderful way with people and dogs and he warmed to her immediately, so much so that he LOVED going to training!


The positive reinforcement methods used were perfect for Dexter and very quickly he was following instruction and eager to please. Karen was very clear in her instructions and also very inclusive of all puppies and owners during sessions. An added benefit was the weekly email sent out by Karen after each class, outlining what we did during the lesson and great tips on follow-up work and practice before the next session.


As new puppy owners I found Karen wonderfully helpful with tips on puppy food, treats and toys, even outside of lessons I emailed Karen a number of questions and she was always happy to help.


I highly recommend Karen and K9 Ventures! We had such a positive experience and Dexter would not be such a well behaved, lovely boy without her - thank you Karen.


Paula and Dexter from Stoke Poges




Karen was so helpful when we got our puppy. She was very generous with her advice before he arrived and gave us tips that saved many sleepless nights. She was also a great source of information during and beyond classes whenever things went awry. I would thoroughly recommend her.


Saskia and Pickes from Stoke Poges




Scully and I attended K9 Ventures puppy training led by Karen. We thoroughly enjoyed the training together. Karen has such a lovely manner and the classes are well paced and thought through. There are notes emailed out after each class which I found useful to keep looking back over, even when training had ended! Aside from the training classes and socialisation the pups get from the classes, Karen's pre-lesson and post-lesson support has been truly helpful. I can't recommend K9 Ventures/Karen enough.


Kym and Scully from Slough




Karen is a consummate professional in the dog training world. I worked with Karen from before I got my dog, discussing breeds to training my puppy in her 1-1 puppy classes from 10 weeks old through to intermediate dog training group classes. I didn't know how much I didn't know about raising a puppy and Karen was there to teach, support me and Spike and advise me all the way through. She clearly adores dogs and really cares that they get the right training to fit happily into and adjust to their new household.


Karen is firm and fair and very well organised and working with Karen will leave you with a happy, well trained doggie....and owner.😃 . I couldn't have done without her and I recommend her wholeheartedly


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K9 Ventures are based in Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire, UK


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